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Why Own everything when you can share!

The games you need for your kids are sitting idle in someone's toy basket. We help you connect them.

Let's get started!

Let's Share..

We all can definitely buy toys for our children, but how many of these toys are actually used by them for more than a month? Have we faced the issue of children getting bored of their toys in a week's time and they demand for new toys and games time and again. Even after buying so many toys for them, they always like the toys of their friends and cousins. To deal with these issues, we have come up with this unique idea of Sharing... With Sharing, children will get many more varieties of Toys, Games & books. As for the parents, they have to spend less to own all the products. Alongwith, they can earn from owned Toys & books. With this, there will be less clutter at home inturn helping the environment to be Green and clean. As the result, Child Happy ; Parents contented

Introduction to Sharepoint

At SharePoint, we offer different services that help you share your kids' products with others who need it.



You also have an option to sell the products your kids have outgrown. Declutter the house and make space for new toys. Inturn, earn money which you can use to rent / buy other preloved toys on our platform.

Save Money 💰 Be Environment friendly 🌍 Rehug 🤗 Recycle ♻️

Before Sharepoint

After Sharepoint

Why Sharepoint

Every home with children has a box or a cupboard or even an entire attic filled with toys. If only we could find a way to make all of these toys visible to each other. This way the kids could share the ones they do not play with and exchange them for others' exciting toys. On an environmental level, since most toys are being made largely of plastic, it helps reduce the waste, when you throw them away go to landfill sites.

Rent Smart & Easy

  • Verified Customers and products
  • Products For Long and Short Term Rental
  • Calendar Assist to Book
  • Easy Extension, Cancellation & Rebooking

Preloved Products Buy/Sell

  • Easy Navigation to Browse & Select
  • Easy Upload & Listing Process
  • Wide range at affordable prices
  • Trusted products

Hassle Free Payment

  • Secure Online Payments
  • Integrated wallet features
  • Monthly account settlement
  • Auto Refund of Security Deposit

Self Pickup/Drop or Delivery service

  • Mutually agreed delivery time and place
  • Or Door Step Pick-Up & Delivery service
  • Nominal Delivery Rates
  • Easy Rejection & Return

Service to support

  • Online Chat and Call Support
  • Email Based Reminders & Notifications
  • Dashboard To Track & Manage Rentals
  • Service Support During Rentals

Earn Smart, Earn Easy

  • Set your prefered Rent/Sale prices
  • Auto-Credit of Amount into your wallet
  • Secured Transactions
  • Earn by renting/selling and rent/buy with earnings!

How Sharepoint Works

  • Browse through the variety of products and select your choice
  • Select the dates, duration and submit your request
  • Wait for the owner to accept your request
  • Chat with the owner to finalise meet up time and place
  • Meetup to collect and drop-off or select our delivery service (charges as applicable)
  • Make sure to enjoy your time with the product!


Signing up and getting verified on Sharepoint takes less than a couple minutes. You will be up and running in no time.

List your stuff

Click a pic, set a price, and write a couple lines! Set a deposit if you wish and remember to read our Lender Protection Guarantee. Sharepoint does not charge any fee to list your products

Accept request

Accept requests if its convenient and keep make your product ready for sharing

Get paid

Schedule a time that’s mutually convenient to share and/or re-collect your items. Payment will be in your wallet right after the transaction ends


Signing up and getting verified on Sharepoint takes less than a couple minutes. You will be up and running in no time.

Select a product

Find an item by using our search and filter options. Select dates, chat with the owner about meetup location and any special requests using our in-app chat.


Pay securely through the Sharepoint wallet. Payments will be handled by Sharepoint automatically once the owner accepts your request

Collect & enjoy

Meet the owner on the scheduled day and time to collect and/or return the items. Make sure to enjoy your time with the item and thank the owner! The Sharepoint support team is only a click away whenever you need any help.

Value Addition in Our children

While Sharepoint seems like a great idea for parents, kids may be a bit more skeptical about giving away their beloved toys. Initially kids won't be excited about this idea. However after explaining that they can get a new toy in exchange, they would quickly warm to the idea and wouldn’t wait to find a toy to share.

Learn to share your own stuff

Take proper care of others' toys

Value of money

Protect Mother Earth

Share your Play Experience

Create and share your Play Experience to the community. With Sharepoint, we want to create a meaningful experience for all. You are encouraged to write a Play Experience for every product you book. Alternatively, you can also write a Play Experience for a toy you own. We will include it on our Website! Start enriching your fellow members with your Play Experience today!

Rent Confidently

Safe & Trustworthy

All members of Sharepoint are verified, and membership is limited by trusted referrals only. Sharepoint support team is only a click away; available via chat and email.

Lender protection guarantee

Should something go terribly wrong we are always here for you. Under Lender Protection Guarantee we cover your damages up to Rs. 1,000. You also have an option to set your own deposit; fully managed by Sharepoint and at zero cost to you.

Secure payment

From handling deposits to managing payments and issuing invoices, Sharepoint handles everything. We support all major banks, credit, and debit cards.

Our Product Categories



Toys / Games

Video Games

Outdoor Sports


Activity Boxes

Big toys

Our Customers Speak

Great way to share toys for my kid.. I can give new toys every few days to play,without spending a lot.

- Harshit M. Shah

About SharePoint, its so true, why spend when you can share. Its a must try for every parent

- Pooja Sanghavi

Unique concept, Great comfort and wide choices :)

- Tanvi Gudhka

Get different educational resources hassle free. It encourages to borrow rather than buying toys which is cost effective

- Rinkal Shah

About Us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who like to solve real life problems with technology. We are on a mission to use technology to optimize resource utilization, and realise the true value of your owned products.

Sharepoint is a peer-to-peer rental platform that allows users to rent items from people nearby and help them earn by renting out their under-used items. At Sharepoint we are leveraging technology to make renting instant, easy, safe and rewarding for both owner and borrower. Alternatively, we now facilitate selling and buying of preloved products also.

In the difficult times of the pandemic with lockdowns and social distancing, we realised that children were getting affected the worst. They got bored very soon with their own toys/games and needed change constantly. To fight this situation, we started sharing and rotating our owned toys/books among our small group internally, following all the precautions. And the results were astonishing! Our kids enjoyed their time at home and were eagerly looking forward to exchange their pre-loved toys and games for their friends’ toys and games. This is how Sharepoint was born.

Rushabh Doshi, Co-founder

Our co-founder, Rushabh Doshi is our key ideator of this venture. He holds diverse experiences in Product, Data and Systems as well as business process designing. He is the backbone of entire system of Sharepoint. He manages the database as well as the application as a whole. Overall, he is a multi-faceted professional in the technology space.

Unnati Doshi, Co-founder

Other co-founder, Unnati Doshi is the face of Sharepoint for all the customers to reach out to. Organising the operations and the execution, she is involved in ensuring best services to the clients. She holds a distinguished career in electronics and embedded systems and is technology person with a human-touch, supporting all aspects of Sharepoint.

Together with our team and group of supporters and well-wishers, we have ventured into the space of sharing economy, which we strongly believe is the future of this generation. With our assured and quality services you can save on buying and say hello to convenience!